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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Audio : English -Can Spirituality Make Home a Sweet Home?

Audio : English : Book Reading Online Version

Book : Articles by Sri Karmayogi Avarkal - Published in Consecration Magazine

(Book Reading Program -Nov 30, 2012) - 4 mins.

Can Spirituality Make Home a Sweet Home?

Dear Sri Annai & Sri Aurobindo Devotees,

You can play / download the Online Audio - English version of the Weekly Book Reading Program of this week presented by Ms. Janaki,  a volunteer from our center. AuroMere Meditation Center thanks all the volunteers for their contribution in our center activities.

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Home is a sweet home. To insist on being sweet is its inherent nature. Sweetness is the knowledge of Joy. Domestic joy is the joy of selflessness. To be selfless is an expansive movement.

At home, to be selfless is our birthright. There is an urge to be selfless instinctively while at home. That knowledge changes JOY into one of sweetness. Sweet temperament makes domestic life sweeter still.

Man longs to come home; women yearn to please all. The sweetness of domestic life gains in strength when it disregards a discordant note. Differences of good emotions deepen into sweet emotions.

Home is the psychological centre of emotional security. Home gives the person a personality. Home takes the positive aspects of the society and gives them to the individual as a preservative of character.

Home condones what the society punishes. Home brings to one the wealth of the hereditary values and fosters them in the current social values. Foibles are fashioned into forte at home. Only home offers all values to an Individual. No home - no values.

Personal angularities are polished into permissible behaviour by perfect love. Masculine individuality matures into social mastery in an atmosphere of material security.

Home is the miniature of the mature society outside. Home is the foundation; home is the fortress of harmony. There is nothing in the outer society which home does not offer in one form or another. No values are greater than home values. No Home - no Life.

Home completes the incomplete biological Individual. Home is sandwiched between the previous and future generations. Generations, it is said, cause a gap; Generations generate gentlemanly behaviour by the wisdom of the past and the vigour of the future.

Home is sweet home; it becomes a source of ever increasing sweetness by inner harmony expressing as outer goodwill. At home, a woman becomes a wife, a wife becomes a mother. They are evolutionary exercises.

Home alone can raise life to the level of literature. Eternal ROMANCE is in potential at home for those who love adventure and value non possessiveness.

Love is there in abundance at home to one to whom giving is receiving or is greater than possessing.

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