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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Video : Siddhi Day Pushpanjali - Nov 24, 2012

Siddhi Day Pushpanjali - Nov 24, 2012 @ AuroMere Meditation Center, Chennai

Video Presentation of the Siddhi Day Pushpanjali to THE MOTHER & SRI AUROBINDO

What is the Siddhi Day?

Man rising from his body to the Spirit via his vital and mental is ascent. He says when we reach the Supermind, it descends on all the planes of our being. It acts at every stage. When Man ascends from his body to his vital, his vital descends on his body and the descent is continued till the body is saturated with the vital. This occurs at all stages. In 1926, the Overmind descended into Sri Aurobindo down to His very cells. Thus it was called Siddhi Day (Nov 24) / Victory Day. Even though He touched the Supermind in 1910, it took sixteen years for the Overmind to descend into Him. In the ascent, body is the lowest and Supermind is the highest. In the descent, Supermind begins and the descent is consummated at the body, thus making the Body the highest in the descent. Note as the descent occurs, each plane ascends. It is called ascent in the descent. What Mother called the True Physical, baffling our comprehension, is the Physical that has received the Supramental force. There is the gross physical and subtle physical. Both are primary. The Physical becomes True when the Supermind descends and the subtle Physical matures into the causal plane.

Life – Moksha – Sri Aravindam - By Sri Karmayogi Avarkal.

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