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Monday, November 19, 2012

Audio: English - Sri Karmayogi's ideas on Lending Money to others

Audio : English : Book Reading Online Version 

Book : Spirituality & Prosperity by Sri. Karmayogi Avarkal

(Book Reading Program -Nov 16, 2012)  - 4 mins.

Topic:   Lending Money to a friend

Dear Sri Annai & Sri Aurobindo Devotees,

You can play / download the Online Audio - English version of the Weekly Book Reading Program of this week presented by Ms. Janaki,  a volunteer from our center. AuroMere Meditation Center thanks all the volunteers for their contribution in our center activities.

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Money is power. Lending to a close friend is a generous act of compassion. Power when extended to another strengthens his hands and naturally leads to his assertion. He takes no initiative to part with that extra dose of power on his own.

Necessity makes the lender ask for the money back. Sometimes it is returned. At other times due to bad temperament, the relationship is broken and the money lost.

Compassionate or cultured people are unable to bring themselves to ask for the money but keep quiet. As the money is power and power acts according to its rule, the original act of lending is a generous one and evokes a generous response from life, which brings in very generous return to the lender.

In one case when the receiver felt the full power of money and vulgarly asserted against the lender, the lender vowed NOT to ask for it back. After a few years the entire amount came back unasked.

The lender's capacity not to curse the friend inwardly had a far more beneficial effect. A sum exactly ten times the amount was put into the lender's hand by a friend of his for an investment.

In view of the fact that that sum was a thousand-fold his present salary, he was able to appreciate the generosity of Life. To be able to see several sides of a known phenomenon extends the mental perception to spiritual insight.

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