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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sri Mother's View on Alternative Education

.....Undeniably, what most impedes mental progress in children is the constant dispersion of their thoughts. Their thoughts flutter
hither and thither like butterflies and they have to make a great effort to fix them. Yet this capacity is latent in them, for when you succeed in arousing their interest, they are capable of a good deal of attention. By his ingenuity, therefore, the educator will gradually help the child to become capable of a sustained
effort of attention and a faculty of more and more complete absorption in the work in hand. All methods that can develop this faculty of attention from games to rewards are good and
can all be utilised according to the need and the circumstances.

But it is the psychological action that is most important and the overeignmethod is to arouse in the child an interest in what you want to teach him, a liking for work, a will to progress. To love to learn is the most precious gift that one can give to a child: to love to learn always and everywhere, so that all circumstances, all happenings in life may be constantly renewed opportunities
for learning more and always more.

- The Mother on Education

Alternative Education Method implemented by Mother's Service Society (MSS), Pondicherry

Formal education as we know is dead and lifeless. The process of learning is live. The process of Self-learning rises in a flame to move the Spirit inside. Please note the plane of Intuition is five levels below the Spirit. Also Spiritual Intuition is wide enough to include all life and all creation, whereas mental intuition of the genius is only one component of it. When a child, whose learning is freed from dead formal education, organises his learning process to acquire MENTAL POWER, he is very likely to move the springs of Intuition, if his education keeps him in contact with his inner soul called the Psychic Being. In very ordinary language, to be in touch with the Psychic Being means to be utterly truthful.

In 1999 MSS established Primrose School in an urban area of Pondicherry to demonstrate the efficacy of the results among children of more socially and economically advantaged families. Primrose School has been widely recognized as the most advanced institution for early childhood education in Pondicherry. In 2006 Primrose Educational Trust, a Chennai-based organization, drew up a plan to establish a chain of Primrose schools in other parts of South India and opened its first school in June 2006. In 2007, Primrose was affiliated to Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). In 2012, the educational programme at Primrose School is being extended to include all levels of high school, from pre-kg up to the 12th grade.

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