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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Audio : English - What is Self Giving?

Audio : English : Book Reading Online Version

Book : Spirituality & Prosperity by Sri. Karmayogi Avarkal

(Book Reading Program -Nov 23, 2012) - 4 mins.


Dear Sri Annai & Sri Aurobindo Devotees,

You can play / download the Online Audio - English version of the Weekly Book Reading Program of this week presented by Ms. Janaki,  a volunteer from our center. AuroMere Meditation Center thanks all the volunteers for their contribution in our center activities.

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Selfishness is universal. It often goes with meanness. We witness Selflessness often in action. It leaves its expansive touch on the onlooker.

To be selfless is good, but to practise self-giving is to be SPIRITUAL. It is said that after creation, LOVE was thrown into the scheme to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. Self-giving expresses love receiving it as grace from above.

We are what our parents and ancestors were and what our soul was in the previous birth.

The spiritual destiny couched in the inherited swabhava accepts family training, college education and social requirements.

It is not natural for some people to give, even when the ostensible intention is to give. There are families of landlords who over the generations have been giving to their dependents.

There are others who for generations have been receiving.

Nurture gives way to nature. One who sees in himself the impulse of Self-giving will do well when his self-giving is directed to the Divine instead of those around him.

Those who discover in themselves an incapacity to give have the opportunity of transforming it if the Spirit is invoked on that swabhava.

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