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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Truisms about Mother’s Grace and Prayers - 1

Truisms about Mother’s Grace and Prayers 

1. Mother’s Grace is unconditional.  If it comes with a lot of conditions it would cease to be grace.

2. It acts with the speed of lightening and grants our prayers faster than we wish for.

3. Problems solved by Grace will not recur since Grace cancels the problem at the very roots.

4. Time and Space and limitations of form are not impediments for the action of Grace since it issues from the Supramental level which is above Space, Time and Form. 

5. It is not only our consciously voiced prayers that are answered. The unspoken but deeply felt aspirations of our personality are answered more quickly than our orally voiced prayers.

6. Grace always gives more than what we have asked for as it is infinite in nature and it can only act in an infinite way.

7. If Grace fails to deliver the result for a prayer voiced now it is a sure sign that bigger results will come later on.

8. According to Sri Karmayogi a three days prayer will never fail to get the intended result.

9. When Grace acts in our life it multiplies our income, improves and safeguards our health, maintains the harmony in our relationships and ensures the success of all our initiatives.

10. Opportunities that arise in the horizon of our life are a sure sign of Grace acting in our life.

- Sri N. Ashokan, MSS, Pondicherry.


AuroMere Meditation Center (Sri Mother & Sri Aurobindo Center)
(ஸ்ரீ அன்னை அரவிந்தர் தியான மையம்)
Pallikaranai, Chennai.  
TN, India.

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