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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sri Aurobindo's New World - Sri Karmayogi Avarkal

    What Sri Aurobindo offers to the world is a New World free of death, suffering, karma, etc. It is attained by Man rising from mind to Supermind. Sri Aurobindo says that the change arrives by a reversal of consciousness. The hunter became a cultivator producing his own food grains. He is now producing in a vast greater abundance what Nature was so far producing. It is an advance. He reverses his role from gathering what Nature offered to producing it himself. Man, by long experience, became a leader. He led others physically. Man discovered education. What leadership he attained at a ripe old age by experience, he acquired early in life by training and education. He gives himself what life was giving him so far. It is another reversal. Man produced goods, sold them for money and bought with that money other things. Later he invented credit. One got money without producing any goods. It is one more reversal of another type. Man produced anything for his own consumption. Later he devised trade. He now produced for sales. It is another reversal.

  • Man continually progresses.
  • Vertical progress occurs by a reversals.
  • There is no progress without a reversal.
  • The history of human progress is a history of a chain of reversals. Mother laughs at this phrase.
  • So far, Man reversed from physical to vital and from vital to the mental. The result is the present civilisation.
  • In the first, Man relived himself from physical drudgery and protected himself from physical dangers.
  • In the second, he fashioned new institutions of trade, money, education, politics, etc. and endlessly extended the scope of human life and created unheard of new comforts and facilities. The two most important advances are education and language apart from money.
  • The next reversal gave him his Mind. Now came science and all its wonders. Newer conquests were the order of the day as well as newer inventions. What remains to be conquered is death and evil. All the rest is being overcome in some substantial measure.
  • Sri Aurobindo offers the reversal of Spiritual consciousness. This conquers death and suffering apart from abolishing ALL problems of humanity so far left unconquered. This dissolves Evil by dissolving ego. Life is taken to a dimension of higher consciousness, and a new species, the Supramental Being will be born.

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