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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sri Karmayogi's views on Energy in our Life


- Sri Karmayogi Avarkal, MSS
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Marigold Flower - Significance : Energy

Energetic people accomplish. They attract success. Also they attract men by their excess energy. Talking to an energetic man, one feels enthused and energised. Energetic people are welcome everywhere and they go about life with a cheer which is their own.

   A small percentage of population is energyless. They are not able to leave the bed, nor go about any work with enthusiasm. They sag in work. Extreme cases go into depression. Others are tense. Smaller versions of energylessness express as clumsiness, inefficiency, quarrelsomeness, self-pity and pessimism.

   The causes of energylessness are many. The type of food, the quality of food, metabolism, temperament, attitude to life, upbringing may be the original cause of an energyless state now. Life becomes a burden when there is less energy than needed. Several remedies are there such as physical exercise, nutritious food, self-discipline, attention, organised functioning. Each one of them can relieve in a great measure. But I would like to consider a spiritual solution to this problem. As elsewhere, here also there are temporary as well as permanent remedies.

   Spiritually, there is an endless SOURCE of energy inside and if the inner source of energy relates to the external source of universal energy, there will be a surge of energy from inside or a downpour of it from above, flooding the person with energy.

   An industrialist from Madras who was on a visit to the USA had a tough schedule and was dragging himself. On a day when he went for an important meeting, he found himself at a low ebb. He was frightened that he could not accomplish at the meeting which was one hour later. Remembering the spiritual method, he began to call energy, repeating, "Energy, energy". In a few minutes he began to feel the change inside and he persisted. Soon he was filled with energy to overflowing but he did not stop invoking the energy. The hall where he was sitting began to fill and in an hour overflowed with rich energy, vibrating visibly.

   The method of invoking the spiritual energy is simply to call the energy inside us. It responds like a person. This will be a temporary method. As we have a good feeling towards a person, we can develop a good feeling to "Energy" and then energy will be a permanent possession.

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