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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Significance of some birds and animals - Answers of the Mother

Significance of some birds and animals - Answers of the Mother

( *The disciple enquired about this because the Mother was sending him pictures of animals pasted on the front of the envelopes containing her replies to him.)

Q:   Mother, I don’t know the significance of animals.1 For example, the lion...

Mother:  Power.

Q:  the deer...
Mother:   Swiftness of movement.

Q:  the swan...
Mother:  The soul.

Q:  birds...
Mother:  Some birds have a meaning, but it is not one and the same for all birds.

Q:  I want to know the significance of the elephant whose
picture you sent me today, and also of the parrot.

Mother: The parrot signifies “fluency of speech” and the elephant

(About the dog..)

Mother: The dog on the envelope means: obedience.

Q: What is the significance of the picture you sent me this

Mother: It is a seal—a very clever animal that can be taught all sorts of tricks, even juggling.

Q: What does the peacock signify?
Mother: Victory.

Q: What is the significance of the picture of the rabbit you
sent me today?
Mother: It is not a rabbit, it is a hare and the hare means “prudence”.

Q: What does the reindeer signify?
Mother:  The reindeer on the envelope is the symbol of endurance.

Mother: (About a picture of a dove)

I am sending you the bird of your name: Peace.

Mother:(About a picture of a cat) The cat means receptivity.

Mother: (About a picture of a pelican) The pelican on the envelope is the symbol of devotedness.

Mother:  (About a picture on an envelope) Is it a goat?
It is an antelope, with the significance “swiftness of movement”.
The goat is “agility”.

Mother: (About a picture of some pigs)

The envelope I am sending you represents the obscure movements
of the vital in the nature.

- From the book "More Answers from the Mother"

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