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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Prosperity Day Message - Jan 1 , 2013

Power of Consecration - Message of the Day

If consecration is followed by all the devotees, the following aspects can be evidenced.

  1. Thoughts get communicated as soon as they are conceived, sometimes a little before they are mentalised.
  2. Physical movements fall into a rhythm that cannot be merely ordered or trained.
  3. Things happen in the society in such a way that serve our future work.
  4. Elements in ourselves that clash with others seem to be unwanted for work on hand; only those qualities in each that bring out harmonious counterparts in others are called into play.
  5. Material things are not lost, generally not a nut is lost.
  6. Even when the nature of work calls for noise, there is a pervading silence felt.


What is Prosperity?
Prosperity is a material ideal, even as idealism is a spiritual efficiency. Efficiency is the means by which the goal of prosperity is realized. The word signifies plenty and abundance and can be extended to mean creation of such plenty. Starting from the very first principles, we start in energy. To be able to produce more by releasing greater energy and achieving higher results by determination and organisation and skills is prosperity. Generation of greater energy in volume of higher energy in quality is achieved by espousing higher ideals. To know that the whole cycle between results and energy is one of self-conception is the highest possible philosophical knowledge. We need a corresponding understanding of the strategy that it is self-initiated and self-sustaining.

To work for one's own prosperity is a patriotic endeavour as the nation needs to take care of one less. One's own prosperous endeavour directly helps others in two ways. 1. It gives employment; 2. It is an example for others to follow.

- Sri Karmayogi.

AuroMere Meditation Center ,
Sri Annai Aravindar (Sri Mother & Sri Aurobindo) Center
Pallikaranai, Chennai, India

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