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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Act - Life - Accomplishment - Message of the Day, Sep 25, 2012


An act is the unit of life or accomplishment.

Life is an accomplishment of existence. Life is a field for accomplishment. A work that ends in giving the expected result is accomplishment. There are physical accomplishments of projects executed. One who leads a cross section of people accomplish in the vital field of leadership. Conceptions of an Idea, a formula, etc. are accomplishments of the mind.

All such accomplishments are live and give life to existence. One who is violently rejected by the lady of his love, inwardly endeavouring to rise to the level of her expectation of acceptance, accomplishes in Romance.

  • Life and accomplishment are correlated synonyms.
  • Building the Trans Siberian Railway is a big accomplishment.
  • Getting rid of Hitler for the world is a universal accomplishment.
  • Having an abscess operated and healing well is an accomplishment for a diabetic patient.
  • It is an accomplishment for The Secret when one gets the car he has visualised.
  • There are as many accomplishments or types of accomplishments as there are walks of life.
  • The Secret is espousing an old formula that Man can accomplish anything, if only he chooses.
  • When we say an act is the unit of life or accomplishment, we lay serious foundations for a new way of thought on earth. Though it is not unknown, it is not known for the purposes we lay down here.
  • Accomplishments can be big, even universal or global, but Acts are microscopic, within our external and internal grasp. He who masters the act, masters the accomplishment.
  • Any accomplishment breaks down into innumerable acts.
  • They fall into various types in the beginning.
  • As we proceed, they begin to show a certain specialisation.
  • At one point each type of act becomes unique.
  • At that point, all acts resolve into the same components lending themselves to mastery.

The act is a unit of life even as the atom is a unit of matter with which the universe is pervaded.

Of course, the act, in its turn is a universe in itself, into which we do not go, as it is the territory of philosophy. To know the basis of such a philosophy is vastly useful to master the act.

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